Oxide hosts a weekly Discord show where we discuss a wide range of topics: computer history, startups, Oxide hardware bringup, and other topics du jour. These are the recordings in podcast form.
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Latest Episodes

Revisiting Unikernels

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends revisit a 7 year old blog post from Bryan regarding unikernels.

The Power of Proto Boards!

Bryan and Adam are joined by members of the Oxide hardware team to talk about proto boards--smaller boards, rapidly designed and delivered that have been instrumental ...

Predictions 2023!

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends review last year's predictions and look ahead 1, 3, and 6 years into the future. What's in store for Rust? Will ChatGPT boom or bust...

Breaking it down with Ian Brown

On December 20th, former Tweep, Ian Brown, joined a Twitter Space about Twitter's architecture. He was surprised when the head Tweep himself joined.. and more surprise...

A Debugging Odyssey

Oxide colleague, Dave Pacheco, joins Adam and Bryan to talk about an epic debugging journey. Everyone had something to learn from the struggle to find random data corr...

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